Insight on Crypto trading

An Insight on Cryptocurrency trading

by john-mark | June 25,2020

Cryptocurrencies are encrypted and completely immutable. Since the outset, this electronic currency is growing and has broken many barriers and marketing trends. The journey from an unnoticed glitch to become a worldwide wonder is enthralling beyond doubt.


Connotation of Cryptocurrency.



virtual currency

Being a digital or say virtual currency, it ensures zero authorization of any third-party or centralized obligations for the transactions. It claims to be the most secure and centralized digital currency available on the market. It doesn’t have any single possessor or network like the internet.  It is also one of the most volatile tradings and tends to make or break your future owing to its unpredictable trading patterns and trends. For this reason, it is somehow a dangerous kind of investment for the novices. If you are also new to this environment, focus on the leading cryptocurrencies to be a part of this active market.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Dash

Among all, Bitcoin controls 38% of the cryptocurrency market, whereas the Ethereum features 18% of the market. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, whereas Ethereum is one of the second-best digital currencies, which got popularity within a shorter period. Other cryptocurrencies are active in the market, not less available such as Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash.

The cryptocurrencies are generated through some specialized computers employing the mining process. Over the years, such digital currencies are growing swiftly and redefining the financial market. The digital assets also revolutionized the trading process and helped many individuals to capitalize on their money in a way better monetary transaction platform.

Key features of Cryptocurrency exchange Platform Two-factor Authentication It is more like the Google authenticator and comes with added security to ensure a secured login process during the withdrawal process.


These are mainly to protect any kind of unauthorized access and money laundering process in cryptocurrency exchange. It also guarantees secure and safe trading.

API integration

API integration is essential to share the liquidity and trade volume data in between two exchanges

Trading engine

A trading engine is the core of any cryptocurrency exchange and handles the operations like transactions, accessing order books, and calculating all the balances of the exchange. The trading speed is entirely dependent on the efficiency of the trading engine.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency trading

Control & security

When it is about your finance, control, and security in any aspect is highly essential. You will be amazed by the control and security of this digital currency. It allows the users to control their transactions and keep it safe in their wallets. On the other hand, no one can charge you any additional charges without prior notice, and due to efficient encryption, your money and data are completely safe.

Different trading option

You can do two types of cryptocurrency trading, such as long term and day trading.


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