How we can earn big by investing in crypto

How we can earn big by investing & trading cryptocurrencies

by victor | July 22,2020

The economy today, irrespective of the country’s position on the globe has taken a gut-wrenching hit. With employment at risk and stocks experiencing consistent downfall, investors and also companies are scrambling to find a way out. How we can earn big by investing & trading cryptocurrencies?

And a unanimous choice of every veteran in the field of trading and investment is dealing in cryptocurrency. Even in these tough economic times, cryptocurrency has proven itself to be the shore to this storm. Let us see hoe in detail in this article.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

coinsCryptocurrency, in simple terms, is virtual or digital money. Expanding the definition, cryptocurrencies are digital transactions that are secured by cryptography. This also means the internet acts as a large virtual bank, in which are currencies are memory bytes secured by a puzzle known as cryptography and managed by blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are a great advantage over physical monetary transactions due to its nature of being decentralized, transparent and immunity to the hold of government over currency values. This makes cryptocurrencies relatively immune to the market ups and downs, earning it the title of “digital gold” for its market stability.

Why Should One Choose to Trade in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies operate beyond the authority of the governments, thus free of any corruption and conspiracies of the constantly changing governments. Though a double-edged sword, this feature has been a successful step in achieving financial autonomy.

The stability of this digital currency irrespective of market dynamics and its volatility make it a great lucrative option as an investment.

How Can We Earn Big from Cryptocurrency?

  • cryptojackingMining:

The safest way of earning money with cryptocurrency is mining. All you need to have is the capability of solving puzzles specifically cryptography as a “Proof of work”. You can earn a reward or commission in the form of cryptocurrency.

  • Buying:

WHERE-TO-BUY-CRYPTOCURRENCYIf the process of mining seems too complicated for you, you can always buy and hold onto the cryptocurrency using the money you have. There are two ways of doing this; CEX (Centralized Exchange) where a 3rd party acts as a middle man which takes the responsibility of verification and also DEX (Decentralized Exchange) if you prefer anonymity. In both ways, hold onto the currency until the price rises to your satisfaction and sell them at that moment.

  • daytradingDay trading:

This is the fastest way to earn profits from cryptocurrency. In this mode, investors follow the strategy of buying and selling in cryptocurrency multiple times a day. This is a game of chances, due to the volatility of cryptocurrency there are high chances of winning more times than losing.

  • Crypto-Exchange-ArbitrageArbitrage:

This is the process of buying in one cryptocurrency and selling in another. This gives you instant profits and low requirements or conditions for starting this method of earning money.

  • 0_Q7Gwz1JUDYRoNT6nFaucet:

Crypto faucet is the method of making money in cryptocurrency in small amounts. Here you make money from websites that release small amounts of cryptocurrency on completing a specified task for the website.


  • best-bitcoin-affiliate-programsAffiliate marketing:

Advertise cryptocurrency on websites in the form of news, tips & also blogs about cryptocurrency and earn easy money. You can also be your own boss along with good utilization of your passion.  It is an all in one package with a good muse.

  • Crypto Gaming:

1_zq5FnpFK44bLdw5KZaZgDAThe most fun way of making money by using cryptocurrency. All you need to do is download and play games to make them popular and earn cryptocurrency as rewards after playing the games.

Choose any method convenient to you and make it big in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin Fortress is also one such platform where you can maximize your profits by just investing €200. A wise man never loses out on opportunities and cryptocurrency is an opportunity in itself. To sum up, signup on the Bitcoin Fortress today and start earning your passive income.


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